A workshop that will: - introduce you to the 'Habits of Mind' - have you creating your own unique HoM poster - look at some possibilities in engaging your staff in to this 'culture' - considerations when addressing staff diversity - growing a community of learners: Snr. managers / Staff / Students WHAT are Habits of Mind? WHY Habits of Mind? WHO is Habits of Mind for? Who ,is involved? HOW do we do this? How do we get student voice? WHEN do we address this? WHERE do we 'do' this? WHICH of these Habits of Mind do we address and when?

(1) Habits of MindHere is the link to the HoM wiki that I pulled together for the He Waka Eke Noa conference last yearJust click on the link, and this should take you straight there//http://hwenhabitsofmind. wikispaces.com/What+are+ Habits+of+Mind%3F//Feel free to make contact if you have any queries around this wiki
I am also attaching the 'official' Habits of Mind link - this is VERY worthwhile :-)

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