"Based on research and thinking from the past few years of ICT PD in schools, this session will workshop ways in which schools and their clusters can effect change and make the kinds of professional gains that really do influence outcomes for students as well as increas capability for teachers.In this 90 minute session we will look at ways successful clusters have been lead, facilitated and how classroom teachers can get the best out of the overall range of opportunities on offer in the scheme.We will look at planned programmes and their current impact, we explore ways that we might continue to identify needs and track our development, at ways in which we might effectively build our own community of practice and at thoughts on how these have made impact on others in the past.This is all about celebrating what you are doing and looking for ways of sharing and doing it better. The ultimate outcome??? 1. Extending your learning community so that it can make a difference for your development 2. Using that development to make a difference for your students.

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